Upload multiple Image in local drive with Progressbar using laravel 5.8

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Step: 1– Install Laravel 5.8 Application
Step: 2– Create Controller
Step: 3– Create View Blade File
Step: 4– Set Route of Controller Method
Step: 5– Run Laravel Application

Step:1 composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel upload_image

Create Controller now we need to create a controller for handle Http request for multiple images

Step:2 php artisan make:controller MultipleUploadController

Step:3 MultipleUploadController.php

Step:3 Create View Blade File For display output in browser, In Laravel we need to use View file

Step:4 Set Route of Controller Method now we have to set route for the controller method. For this, we have to open routes/web.php file and write the following code for a set route.

Step:5 Run Laravel Application php artisan serve or click this url