Ansible Interview Questions and Answer – Part 1

  1. What is inventory file used for and default inventory host location?
  2. What is ansible configuration file used for and its default path?
  3. Do you write your inventory file?
  4. How many types of variables and precedence?
  5. Write the command to find the python version on nodes?
  6. What is the file structure of ansible roles?
  7. What happen when one node or instance is unreachable?
  8. What happen when one task is failed in playbook?
  9. I have 20 servers , I want to install one package in 5 servers and other package in next 5 that How to write in ansible script for that…Explain?
  10. What is the architecture of ansible?
  11. How do I supply variables while executing the playbook in ansible?
  12. Explain about the tags in ansible?
  13. How to execute failure playbook again
  14. How is ansible diffrent than any other configuration management tool?
  15. Ansible playbooks are written in what format?
  16. What is a module in Ansible?
  17. What is inventory used for in ansible?
  18. Name three places where ansible variables can be stored?
  19. What connection anible establishes with linux and windows node.
  20. Diffrence between Remote and local execution in ansible.
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