Ansible Interview Questions and Answer – Part 4

  1. What is local action in Ansible?
  2. What are the roles in Ansible?
  3. Write a playbook for installation of apache in ubuntu and centos?
  4. How to create a role in ansible?
  5. Different types of inventories in ansible?
  6. if we want system information of machine how we will get the data with ansible like we use facter in puppet ?
  7. In which language we write playbooks in ansible?
  8. Activity that we use with ansibles or advantage Functionality or purpose of ansible using in your project?
  9. How to launch an LDAP server using ansible?
  10. How ansible works.. and what are the playbook written other than the basic playbooks ?
  11. For example there are 4 aps server running and 4 websers running and we have a new code change and this change should automatically copy to these different servers using ansible, how I will come to know new code is generated.
  12. Have u done any automation like app goes down then for self healing of the app kind of the thing.
    73 Have u written any playbook. Explain it
  13. what is a dynamic inventory in ansible?
  14. How can you manage cloud services with ansible?
  15. How can you protect sensitive information in ansible?
  16. How can you save the output of module execution in ansible?
  17. How can you manage error handling?
  18. what are conditionals in ansible?
  19. write a playbook to create AMI on AWS?
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