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Ansible Interview Questions and Answer – Part 6

  1. What is Ansible?
  2. What is Configuration Management?
  3. Is Ansible only a tool for Configuration Management?
  4. What are the components of Ansible?
  5. How Ansible works?
  6. What are the other tools in market other than Ansible?
  7. How Ansible is different from Chef & Puppet?
  8. What is Inventory in Ansible?
  9. What are the types of Inventories?
  10. What is play & playbook?
  11. Difference between hosts & groups?
  12. What is Roles?
  13. How to install a Role?
  14. How to install multiple roles?
  15. How to create roles?
  16. What is Dynamic Inventory & when we use it & for what?
  17. Where is the Ansible Configuration file located?
  18. What are the different ways other than SSH by which Ansible can connect to remote hosts?
  19. What is variable in Ansible?
  20. What are different types of variables?
  21. How to assign variables in group vars & hosts vars?
  22. Difference between File & Template directory in Roles?
  23. Difference between default & vars directory in Roles?
  24. What is Jinja 2 template?
  25. What is modules in Ansible?
  26. Difference between COPY & FILE modules?
  27. Difference between SHELL & COMMAND modules?
  28. What is Setup module? what it does?
  29. What is register & debug in Ansible?
  30. What is changed_when in Ansible?
  31. Can we disable automatic facts gathering in Ansible?
  32. How error handling can be done in Ansible?
  33. How to ignore failed commands in Ansible?
  34. What is handlers? Why we use Handlers in Ansible?
  35. What is Privilege Escalation in Ansible?
Rajesh Kumar