Ansible Interview Questions and Answer – Part 7

  1. Task to connect(SSH) Ansible to remote host using another user & run the playbook to the remote host using with another user?
  2. What is Ansible vault?
  3. How to decrypt a vault file?
  4. How to encrypt a string in Ansible using Ansible Vault?
  5. If a string is encrypted in a file with a password then how to pass the password using parameter while decrypting?
  6. If a file is encrypted using password & password is stored in a file how to pass the file to decrypt the file?
  7. If a file is encrypted using password & password is also encrypted then how to provide the password while decrypting the file?
  8. What is Ansible galaxy?
  9. What is Tags in Ansible? Why it is used?
  10. What is lookup in Ansible playbook?
  11. How to control the command failure in Ansible?
  12. How to debug your playbook?
  13. What is diff mode?
  14. What is Dry Run in Ansible & how to do that?
  15. What is pre task & post task?
  16. How you can run your all tasks at once?
  17. What is block in Ansible?
  18. What are different variable scopes?
  19. How variable precedence takes place?
  20. Difference between include & import?
  21. How to include custom modules in Ansible?
  22. Describe the role directory structure?
Rajesh Kumar