Application doesn’t get install in passive/silent mode

installanywhereExpert created the topic: Application doesn’t get install in passive/silent mode
I’m working on an application now and came across this issue.I have a Setup.exe, Setup.ini and an MSI inside the source.
First i’ve tried creating an admin install [Setup.exe /a], and i got an MSI out of it. When i install the MSI manually, it is installing as expected. But when i use passive/silent install switches [/qb or /qb! or /qn], it is failing to install.

The requirement is to install the App in passive/silent mode.

How do i start troubleshooting this issue?

applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Application doesn’t get install in passive/silent mode
When you run the app in silent mode, the UI sequence does not run, so any public properties normally set via user dialogs will either revert to their default value, if there is one in the property table, or the property will not exist. Properties can also be set by custom actions in the UI sequence.
Finally, if the app is a vendor MSI, then the authors could have set a requirement that the install cannot be run silently and therefore they included a condition based on the UILevel property.

So the first question is – is this an MSI that you wrote, or a vendor MSI ?

Run a full UI install with verbose logging enabled and note all the property values set in the UI sequence. Then run a silent install with verbose logging and check what property values are not present (that were present in the full UI install), or look for any error messages or “Return Value 3” entries in the log.

If the failure to install is not accompanied by an error message, then it is more likely that the installation, if a vendor install, is checking for the UILevel property. If there is an error message that accompanies the silent install, either displayed, or in the verbose log, then the nature of the message may well give you a clue to the cause of the problem.
Finally, check the application event log in case it also has an error code recorded fo

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