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Top 17 Strategies And Ways To Market Your Business Online

The word ‘marketing’ conjures up visions of pricey marketing strategies and excessive expenditure for many people and businesses. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive: there are plenty of free ways to market a business and get the best results. In this article, we will share our top tips & Strategies for how to market your online business.

Email Marketing :-

Email marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to drive business. Think about it for a second; you’re delivering targeted messages straight to your customers’ inboxes, and you’re reaching them on their mobile device if they’re on the go. For this you have to ensure that you have a method of capturing email data from website visitors. Integrate an email sign up option onto your site and begin building a database of customer data. Starting an email marketing list may sound difficult, but it’s really not. Think about all of the emails you receive from companies and brands, and then think about how they acquired that information

Focus on SEO :-

The first thing you need to do is analyze your current SEO situation. One thing you can’t afford to let slip is your search engine optimization (SEO).There are many tools available to analyze SEO because it is very important to rank your website or page or blog in search engines. Aslo by Using these tools, you can view valuable information about the search terms people are using to find your website. Also by using you will get an idea of how you’re ranking against everyone else, you can start to improve. It’s a necessity that you optimize your website so that you can obtain-and ultimately maintain-your high organic rankings.

Great Content :-

Content is always considered as king. The better content you will write the more chances of it to get better ranking in search engines because search engines always give value to a good content than anything. The search engine giant Google’s ranking algorithm for SEO is content who wants to see that your website is consistently publishing informational and educational content that’s meaningful.

Blogging :-

Blogging has become essential for marketing and writing quality blogs and using them for promotion is one of the best ways to make your business noticed by people because according to WordPress every month, more than 409 million people read over 23.7 billion blog posts on its platform.

Video Marketing :-

Using the second largest search engine YouTube for your marketing is a really smart move. Where you can explain your followers about your product or service in detail and convey the message personally. Video can help you educate users better than you ever could through your blog content, and video is also another term that Google factors and gives value into its ranking algorithm for SEO. Use video for new product launches and walkthroughs, and host that video on your website and push it across your social channels. Just a simple video blog will do. If you’ve got something useful to say, then say it on video. It also makes for highly shareable, marketable content.

Social Media :-

It goes without saying that social media is one of the most valuable marketing tools out there. And it’s free. social is an effective way to drive sales, but you should focus on using your social networks to engage with your followers and communicate with them. A lot of people get caught up using social media to shove their products and services in front of their fan base, and that can be a definite turnoff. Facebook is a viable option for almost all businesses. Facebook Groups and Pages which have many followers will be a good idea to market your business with a huge amount of audience. You can search for groups using Facebook’s search bar, or scroll through its suggestions a few times a month to expand your audience. The trick to marketing in Facebook Groups is sharing valuable content (which is why a blog is helpful for your website).

Using Paid Search :-

SEO can take months-even years-to get to the top of Google, but with paid search, you can be on top of Page 1 within a couple of hours. Paid search, also known as PPC, can be a daunting strategy for a lot of small business owners because there’s a lot to learn and understand. it’s incredibly expensive. But if you are already running a PPC campaign then it’s worth taking some time to review your strategy. 

Forums Participation :-

There are many online forums where you can directly interact with a large amount of audience and talk to them about a number of topics. Facebook is the most popular but Of course, Facebook isn’t the only online forum where you can participate in discussions. Getting involved in other forums is a great way to spread the word about your brand. Besides social media platforms, group discussions are held on websites like Reddit , Tumbler, Quora and Yahoo Messenger Etc..

LinkedIn Network :-

Strengthen your LinkedIn profile and connect with the target audience directly. If your business is a B2B company, be sure to have a strong presence on LinkedIn. It’s also a great place for building your network. The same rules apply to LinkedIn as other social platforms – engage with relevant people and offer genuine insight. LinkedIn also has the community group option where you can join the relevant and directly connect the large amount of audience which is a similar feature like Facebook.

Using Google Analytics :-

Make sure that you have Google Analytics linked up to your site. It’s a treasure trove of handy data and be sure to spend some time getting your head around it all. Google Analytics is a digital marketer’s dream, showing you a plethora of data, including where your website users are coming from, how long they’re staying on the website, which pages they’re visiting the most, and most importantly, if they’re purchasing your products or services. This data should be looking a few times per week, at the minimum.

Mobile Optimized Website :-

You will be shocked to know that Approximately 70 % of the traffic on Google comes from smartphones because there are 6 billion smartphone users in the world and most people browse the internet from mobile so you need to make sure that your website is optimized as per the mobile friendly way. 

User Experience:-

You need to think about the user first and put yourself in the user,s shoes as because if user comes to your website and not able to find your product or service then you lost the business so make sure that your website is user friendly and try to make it as easy as possible to users.

Active On Social Media :-

To be successful on social media, you need to provide value to the conversation. The Majority of the users use their choice of platform daily basis and these social media websites have billions of users which you should net miss out. Staying active on social media builds your following and your followers’ trust in you. That’s How when you post links, posts or articles, your followers will be more likely to click.

Email Campaigning :-

Email Campaigns are one of the best ways to market your business and also have the highest conversion rate compared to any other source. So You should start using email campaigning today. But remember that an effective email is an email that adds value to the customer. If your email isn’t providing value, it won’t help increase your conversions.  It is a great way to keep reminding former customers who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer.

List in online directories :-

There are the most popular directories, such as Yell, Yelp and Thomson Local, but there are a whole host of other industry or location-specific directories. Ensure that your business is listed in relevant online directories. You need to make sure to add your business listing to only the directories which are relevant to your business, and ensure they aren’t spams. Also these registration also help your websites in SEO to rank because it is also a term in Google algorithm to consider. Online local business directories like Google Plus Local and Bing/Yahoo Local will help people close to your business find you faster. Make sure you optimize those listings with a business description, accurate hours, and of course your address. Link the directory to your website and you’ll get the added benefit of referral traffic.

Perform Keyword Research :-

perform fresh keyword research several times a week. That’s how you can remain at the top of the game. It’s a wonder that still people don’t understand how important it is to find the correct keyword. If you don’t analyze the keywords then you will get irrelevant traffic to your website and it will waste your money and time. 

Customers ( User) Value and Feedback :-

This term sounds easy but it is the most important thing that one must take care of because Your customers or users give you a different perspective, and they often have great feedback for owners on what they can do to improve. Make sure you’re monitoring the comments on your social media profiles and have a section of your website where visitors can email you or give a feedback.


These are the current digital marketing strategies that small businesses are utilizing to increase brand awareness and boost their customer base. Without some type of marketing strategy in place, you can have a great business, but people aren’t going to know about it. So these techniques and strategies will help you to enhance your business marketing. 

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Shivam Awasthi