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Complete Guide and Tutorials for PHP Conditioning with example

What is Conditional statement in PHP?

PHP also helps you to write code that performs various behavior on the basis of the outcome of logical or comparable testing conditions at the same time as other programming languages. This assumes that test conditions can be created in terms of expressions that assess either true or false and you can execute those actions depending on these effects.

PHP allows programmers during a programmer to analyze various conditions and decide whether or not these conditions are true or false.

These conditions and the related behavior are conveyed through a programming structure known as a conditional statement.

What are the types of conditional statements?

PHP if the test condition is otherwise used. If you use a sentence in PHP, there are different forms.

  • The if statement
  • The if…else statement
  • The if…elseif….else statement
  • The switch…case statement
Conditional Statementfinal PHP 02

What is “The if statement”?

The (if statement) is only used to execute a code block if the conditions stated are valid. These are the simplest and most compatible statements in PHP. PHP if declaration makes code execution conditionally. If condition is True, it is executed.

PHP If Else - javatpoint



What is “The if...else Statement”?

By inserting a separate argument to the if statement, you will improve the decision-making process. The if-else statement requires you to execute a block of code if the condition stated is valid and a different block of code if it is incorrect. This is how it can be written:

PHP If Else - javatpoint

Example1:- When The Condition is True!


Example2:- When The Condition is False!


What is “The if...elseif...else Statement“?

The special Statement (if…elseif…else), which is used to merge different Statement (if…else). The Statement (If-Else-If-Else) allows you to combine many If-else statements, so that the compiler can specify behaviors with more than two possible results.

PHP If Else - javatpoint

Example1:- If this condition is true!


Example2:- If first condition is false and this condition is true!


Example3:- If all conditions are false!


What is “The switch Statement”?

The assertion (Switch) resembles a sequence of declarations of the same word. Use the expression (Switch) to pick one of the several executable blocks of code.

PHP Switch - javatpoint









Why we use Conditional statement in PHP?

There would be situations in which you choose to perform a certain sentence only if those conditions are met when writing programs/scripts. Conditional statement are statements that can only be carried out on the basis of compliance with a specific condition(s). A conditional statement allows a programmer to essentially determine which path to follow depending on the assessment of the situation. Conditional claims are assessed as true or false. We use conditional statements in those cases.

Where we can use Conditional statement in PHP?

In this You want to do different things under different circumstances very much as you write code. To do this, you can use conditions in your code. You will get many conditions when you code a program. So, if you face any type of Conditional statement which I have explained in this article you can easily understand the condition and apply the needed things.