DreamShield 0.98 Released

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Released: Jul 27 2009
Updated: Jul 27 2009 by Smyley
Dev status: Stable Stable: This software is believed to be ready for use

Release Notes

* A new skin for a classic, light, but with a touch of design
* Improved Runtime: without debugging information files (. Pdb) installations made by DreamShield become slightly smaller. There is a gain of 1 MB (or slightly more) on the self-extracting archives (sfx) created, which can be practical for smaller installations.
* Fixed a display bug with the wizard on the “old” Windows (2000, ME) or those who have not activated the themes.
* Reducing the size of the archives created by DreamShield for non SFX setup.
* A menu listing the references which allows for a certain file from the installation project to enumerate all the referenced dlls, native or managed, and therefore proposes to add them to the installation.
* Ability to execute Ngen (tool to generate native images) on an assembly during the installation / uninstallation (the image is installed during the installation, removed during the uninstall)
* When compiling the setup, all temporary files are created in a Temp folder, subfolder of the destination folder of the installation. This is an improvement because until now, if we created a 2 GB, 2 GB of temporary space was allocated on the primary drive (usually C) and 2 Go through the creation of the installer . This could be problematic if the space on the disk was limited. Now everything is in the destination directory and thus on the hard disk that contains the actual installation to create.
* All translations for DreamShield are now with ResX files. Until now, the translations of the languages of the installer (“Installer Languages” folder) was done via .ressources files. Now only files .ResX is required, easier to edit and save.
* Improving the speed of compilation and installation when large files (of a size greater than a few MB) are to manage.
* Great improvements in the speed of installation / uninstallation of products
* Fixed an error in translation for the English page of the result of compilation
* Fixed a problem that may bring the project editor to create invalid files when selected the menu “Save a Copy As …”
* And many more …

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