Installer that removes old version

InstallerExpert created the topic: Installer that removes old version
I have a .net build msi.
I have imported it into Wise Installer Edition.

All I want the installer to do is have it remove any previous versions and install this version. I would also like it to be passive, where it just shows progress bars and the user does not have to select any options.

I am new to this, so I was hoping someone could help me get on the right track.

Thanks much!

bhuvana replied the topic: Re: Installer that removes old version
Are you talking about the .msi installer created using Visual Studio Setup & Deployment project?

If so, Here is how you modify the .Net msi to upgrade its previous versions.
There is a property called RemovePreviousVersions in Setup & Deployment project, which is set to False by default. You have to set to True to enable the installer to remove the previous versions automatically and continue with the installation.
Accessing RemovePreviousVersions property -> Select the Setup Project Node, Press F4 to get the Deployment project properties Window.

Please look into the following link for more information.…s-to-setup-projects/

If you import the modified .msi into Wise after making the above mentioned changes, hope the upgrade should be seamless.. but not sure how to handle this in Wise without modifying .Net build msi.

Rajesh Kumar
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