List of Top 50 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps – Cloud – Containers Technology

Facebook is a social website that helps people from the whole world to multiple each other and provides many services like sit at home.
one place While sitting, we talk to millions of people, even very abstract education is also available. Recently, Facebook also helps in searching for jobs.
So we only talk about our friends but with the help of the group, we can talk to a lot of companies.
Today, Facebook Group gives a lot of company education and promotes the company.
Facebook groups are also a type of social website. Which we share anything through the group.

We have written a blog in which about 50 Facebook groups have been collected.

There are 50 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps – Cloud – Containers Technology

1DevOps Engineer
2Microsoft Azure Cloud Discussion Group
3The Cloud ( AWS, Azure )
4DevOps Engineer
5DevOps League
6Jenkins DevOps
7AWS and DevOps Learning Community
8DevOps Engineer
9DevOps Engineers
10DevOps Engineer’s
11Google Cloud
12Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes
13Software Testing Jobs – India
14Google Cloud Certified
15Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services
16Microsoft Azure 4 Beginner
17DevOps Engineers
18Docker DevOps
19Dear Azure – Learn Microsoft Azure with ease!
21Docker DevOps
22DevOps Engineers
23KodeKloud – DevOps
25Kubernetes DevOps
26DevOps Bangalore
28Unix DevOps
29AWS Cloud
30Docker for DevOps ( Developers, Sys Admins)
31DevOps Automation and Cloud Computing
32DevOps League
33Full Stack Developers / DevOps / Software Designers and Architects
Learn AWS, DevOps, Linux & Python
37DevOps – Storage – Aws
38AWS and DevOps Learning Community
39DevOps/ Aws/Linux/Ubuntu/Windows/Azure/GoogleCloud
40Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing
42AWS and DevOps Learning Community
43AWS Cloud
44Unix DevOps
45Kubernetes Users
46DevOps Engineers
47Kubernetes Certified
48DevOps Experts
59DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, CKA, CKAD, Linux, AWS – Udemy Course
50Enterprise Cloud and DevOps
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