Script to update file sequence in a MSI

installanywhereExpert created the topic: script to update file sequence in a MSI
If we have to add 1000 new files to a MSI all the new files will have the file sequence to ‘0’ . Is there a way to update the sequence of the files? Sould we use a script or something to update the file sequnce of the files? If yes, could someone please point me to the script for this purpose?

applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: script to update file sequence in a MSI
How are you adding the 1000 files?

If you add the files using the Wise GUI, then the file sequence count will be set automatically.
So are you adding the files using the automation interface?
If so, you are already coding for it, so incrementing the file sequence count in the file table will be a trivial addition to your code. You will of course also need to update the media table to identify which CAB the file sequences are contained in.

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