What are the different architectural patterns in Microservices?

Several companies have adopted the Microservices architectural patterns to address business challenges particular to their industries. This section describes a few examples of Microservices adoption, the most commonly adopted patterns, and the observed benefits. in this below Table lists the case studies that we cover in this section, and the commonly adopted architectural patterns used in these case studies.

The following list includes some of the benefits of this architectural transformation:
Faster page loads across the site
Faster release of new features
Fewer dependencies on other teams
Reuse of features in the countries where the e-commerce site is available

The following set of common services is required to support this architecture:
Central logging service
Dashboard/Monitoring service
Service Discovery and registry service
Event-driven component
Workflow component

The benefits to be accomplished by employing this architecture:
Flexibility and easier extensibility of components
Accelerating development cycles and agility
Reducing compute costs by moving workloads to more cost-effective run times

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