Windows Installer Configuration EVERY TIME!!

InstallerExpert created the topic: Windows Installer Configuration EVERY TIME!!
Ok, so I am sure this sounds pretty familiar. Every time I open an office
application, or an office document, I get a pop up of the windows installer
and it starts running some mystery configuration process. I have tried
uninstalling/reinstalling. I have tried repairing the registry permissions.
I have ripped all office traces out by force and done a clean install. I
have rebuilt the registry, modified it, added some conditional entries, but
to no avail. I have done it in the user account, and the built in
administrator account. I have done both custom and full installs. I have
googled, forumed, knowledge-based, and done every other form of research you
can imagine. I have found several “solutions” but none of them has worked.
I am at an absolute loss for any possible cause for this problem, let alone
how to fix it.

I’m running Office 2007, on a Dell Inspiron 1440 running Vista (32 bit) SP2.

Please help!

Rajesh Kumar
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