Comparison of MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle Database

FeatureMySQLMSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)PostgreSQLOracle Database
DeveloperOracle Corporation (originally by MySQL AB)MicrosoftPostgreSQL Global Development GroupOracle Corporation
Initial Release1995198919961979
LicenseOpen-source (GPL) and commercialProprietary (commercial)Open-source (PostgreSQL License)Proprietary (commercial)
Platform SupportCross-platformWindows, Linux, MacOSCross-platformCross-platform
Data ModelRelationalRelationalRelational, Object-relationalRelational
SQL ComplianceHighHighHighHigh
ACID ComplianceYesYesYesYes
PerformanceFast for read-heavy operations, suitable for web applicationsOptimized for enterprise applications, supports both OLTP and OLAPHighly performant with complex queries, suitable for large datasetsHigh performance, optimized for enterprise applications
ScalabilityVertical and limited horizontalVertical and horizontalVertical and horizontalVertical and horizontal
ReplicationMaster-slave, master-masterAlways On Availability Groups, ReplicationMaster-slave, master-master, logical and physical replicationAdvanced replication, Data Guard
PartitioningYes (since version 5.1)YesYesYes
IndexingB-tree, hash, full-textB-tree, hash, full-text, XMLB-tree, hash, GiST, GIN, SP-GiST, BRINB-tree, bitmap, cluster, function-based
Backup and Recoverymysqldump, mysqlhotcopy, third-party toolsSQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), third-party toolspg_dump, pg_basebackup, third-party toolsRMAN, Data Pump, Flashback Technology
SecurityUser-based security, SSL supportAdvanced security features, encryptionRole-based security, SSL supportAdvanced security features, encryption, Virtual Private Database (VPD)
ExtensionsLimited, but supported via pluginsLimited to built-in featuresExtensive support for extensionsLimited to built-in features
Community SupportLarge open-source communityLarge user base with official supportStrong open-source communityLarge user base with official support
Use CasesWeb applications, small to medium-sized databasesEnterprise applications, data warehousing, BIComplex queries, large datasets, data warehousingLarge enterprise applications, mission-critical systems
Cloud IntegrationAvailable on most cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)Available on Azure, AWS, Google CloudAvailable on most cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)Available on Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Notable FeaturesSimple to use, widely adoptedIntegration with Microsoft ecosystem, advanced analyticsAdvanced indexing, extensibility, JSON supportAdvanced performance tuning, extensive feature set, strong security
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