Openshift Interview Questions and Answer – Part 1

  1. What is Openshift?
  2. Difference between Openshift & Kubernetes?
  3. What is Services Layer?
  4. How to expose a service in Openshift?
  5. What are the 3 components of any created project?
  6. What is router in default or in any project while creating project?
  7. What do you mean by identity provider in Openshift?
  8. How do you create a New user identity?
  9. Where is the user identity located?
  10. What is project in Openshift?
  11. What are the types of permissions/role bindings in Openshift?
  12. How to check the permission of user?
  13. How to describe anything in Openshift?
  14. How to check no of projects?
  15. How to assign a role/permission to a user?
  16. What is clusterrolebinding in openshift?
  17. What is the process/working of POD creation?
  18. What is Builder POD?
  19. What is deployer POD?
  20. How to create a New application POD?
  21. How to check logs of POD?
  22. What is Deployment Configuration & why we need DC?
  23. What is SVC & why we need SVC?
  24. What is RC (Replication Controller)?
  25. How to check DC of POD & how to edit DC?
  26. How to create route?
  27. How to expose svc?
  28. How to do rollout?
  29. How to increase replica?
  30. What is Source to Image in Openshift?
  31. What is builder image?
  32. What are the process to create source to image?
  33. How to give the Cluster role/permission to the user?
  34. How to create secure route?
  35. What is PV & PVC?
  36. What are access modes in PV?
  37. What is node selector?
  38. What are the two regions in projects?
  39. Difference between template & Deployment Configuration?
  40. How to migrate whole cluster to another?
  41. How to manually migrate container?
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