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AWS Interview Questions and Answer Part – 30

If resources at AWS have been created by a no other account, what feature can be enabled to share access to resources?

  • Cross Account Access (Ans)
  • Creating additional accounts for access to the required resources
  • Enabling consolidated billing
  • IAM role policies
  • Administrative IAM policies linked to required resources

Where can details be reviewed regarding user passwords?

  • Review CloudWatch alerts
  • Viewing the Credential Report (Ans)
  • Through the properties of the users account
  • Analysis of CloudTrail reports

What types of subnets can be chosen within your VPC?

  • Public and hybrid subnets
  • Private subnets
  • Both public and private subnets can be created. (Ans)
  • Hybrid subnets

In front of what does the Web Application Firewall sit?

  • ALB and S3
  • S3 and ALB
  • EC2 and S3
  • ALB and CF (Ans)

What is the benefit of deploying an in-line policy?

  • If the principles deleted, the policy is still deployed.
  • Maintain a strict one to one relationship between the policy and selected principal. (Ans)
  • In-line policies are created for the customer by AWS.
  • In-line policies can be deployed to multiple identities at the same time.

To access resources or users outside of AWS what must be attached to your subnet?

  • Defined network access control lists
  • Security groups
  • Elastic IP addresses
  • A gateway device (Ans)

What is the purpose of elastic load-balancing?

  • Balancing the storage load on the elastic file system
  • Balancing performance of Web servers
  • Distribution of incoming traffic across multiple instances (Ans)
  • Scaling instances up or down based on demand

What type of network must a dedicated instance be deployed on?

  • In a VPC (Ans)
  • Private only
  • Public only
  • In a Classic EC2 network

What is the secret access key used for at AWS?

  • Authentication to the AWS console
  • Access to resources through automation (Ans)
  • Authentication using the CLI
  • Developing using the SDK

When an EBS snapshot is shared, who can alter the original snapshot?

  • Shared snapshots cannot be altered. (Ans)
  • Only the root user of the account
  • IAM policy defines access rules for snapshots.
  • Any administrator account

What security tool should be used to create a second access key?

  • Use the create-access-key command
  • Run the Access Advisor
  • Using CloudTrail reports
  • The IAM Console (Ans)

Where is Route 53 located in the AWS ecosystem?

  • Region
  • Availability zone
  • Edge location (Ans)
  • Hybrid location

What types of permissions does and IAM policy control?

  • Explicit disallow
  • Implicit access
  • Implicit disallow
  • Explicit access
  • Allow or deny (Ans)

What common LDAP service is used in federating corporate users to AWS?

  • AWS directory services (Ans)
  • Google authenticator
  • Open ID
  • SAML 2.0

What is AWS Shield?

  • EC2 firewall
  • Edge firewall
  • A DDos protection service (Ans)
  • Network layer protection

What happens if you find your instant size is inadequate for your needs?

  • Use commandline tools to scale instance size up or down.
  • Restore from backup to new instance type.
  • Shut down the instance, change instance type, and restart the instance. (Ans)
  • Instances must be rebuilt from scratch to change size.

What happens when storage and memory resources are discarded?

  • Open a ticket with AWS support to clean discarded resources.
  • Storage is automatically reset and memory is automatically scrubbed. (Ans)
  • Storage is scrubbed, and memory is reset automatically.
  • Both storage and memory resources are cleaned upon request only.

When authenticating against an EC2 Instance what IAM policies are required?

  • Role-based policy
  • Logging onto an EC2 instance is not controlled by IAM policy (Ans)
  • Access-based policy
  • Group-based policy

Name the four common elements in an IAM policy.

  • Username, resources, principal, and actions
  • Security principles, assigned actions, effect, and resources
  • Resources, core effects, mandated actions, and principles
  • Resources, actions, effect, and principal (Ans)
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