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AWS Interview Questions and Answer Part – 33

To take advantage of the greatest number of features available in Active Directory while having Amazon responsible for the management of the operating system and underlying hardware, you should choose:

  • LDAP
  • AD Redirector
  • Simple AD
  • Enterprise AD (Ans)
  • AD Connector

Which AWS Directory Services Offering does not store data in AWS but rather redirects all access to an on-premises Active Directory implementation?

  • Enterprise AD
  • AD Redirector
  • AD Connector (Ans)
  • LDAP
  • Simple AD

Which of the following is NOT an available effect?

  • Allow
  • Deny
  • Permit (Ans)

The root user credentials should be shared with all top-level administrators.

  • False (Ans)
  • True

The best way for administrators in one AWS account to backup administrators in another account (such as for vacation or sickness) is:

  • Create IAM users in each account for the administrators in the other account.
  • Share account names and passwords as needed.
  • Create roles in each account that can be assumed by administrators in the other account. (Ans)
  • Create a generic admin account for administrators in the other account to use.

Trusted advisor is designed to do which of the following:

  • Find unused IAM Groups
  • Reduce cost (Ans)
  • Report on compliance
  • Find IAM Users with excess permissions

To maximize the safety of data that has been backed up, you should:

  • Backup to two different S3 buckets in different regions.
  • Set permissions on the backup destination to forbid deleting content.
  • Use Lifecycle policies to manage backups and expire outdated ones.
  • Backup to a different account. (Ans)

Consolidated billing is used to:

  • Pay for all the charges in multiple AWS accounts. (Ans)
  • Report on the spending within an account.
  • Report on the spending across accounts.

Consolidated Billing can be used to secure volume discounts:

  • Within an account
  • Across multiple accounts (Ans)
  • Within a region

IAM roles are used when federating with users authenticated outside of AWS, such as Active Directory and Google.

  • True (Ans)
  • False

The Principle of Least Priviledge should be used to:

  • Create as few policies as possible
  • Grant users just enough permissions to do their jobs (Ans)
  • Grant as few policies as possible to users

If trusts are required between Active Directory domains hosted via AWS Directory Services, you must select:

  • AD Redirector
  • Enterprise AD (Ans)
  • ADConnector
  • Simple AD
  • LDAP

To utilize AWS Directory Services’ Enterprise AD offering, which VPC range must be excluded from those you can use:

  • (Ans)

Which of the following can occur if the root account is compromised?

  • None of these
  • Resources can be deleted
  • All of these (Ans)
  • Resorces can be created
  • Data can be stolen

An IAM user may have _ access keys maximum.

  • 5
  • 2 (Ans)
  • 1
  • unlimited
  • 3

IAM accounts can be used to enforce the principle of least privilege.

  • False
  • True (Ans)

Which of the following cannot be used to create an IAM policy?

  • Policy Creator (Ans)
  • Copying an AWS managed policy
  • Creating a policy in JSON
  • Policy Generator

Credential Report contains the following information:

  • Regions used by this IAM user
  • Access Key last used object
  • IAM user last used region
  • Access Key last used region (Ans)

Simple AD uses:

  • Samba (Ans)
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory

Which of the following can have passwords assigned to them?

  • IAM Users (Ans)
  • IAM Groups
  • IAM Roles

Password policies can be set for which of the following?

  • All IAM users (all get the same policy applied) (Ans)
  • Each IAM user (individual settings for each user)
  • All IAM Groups (all get the same policy applied)
  • IAM Roles
  • Each IAM group (individual settings for each group)
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