How to Install a Wireless Modem in a Desktop PC

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For a more practical type of Internet connection, wireless modem is a good addition to your gadget up. You can connect to the desktop and move your desktop anywhere in your home without worrying about LAN connections. Moreover, this network offers easily if you have multiple computers at home. It can be tedious with the wiring if you have children at home can be omitted.

First, you need to find a good brand of modem. E ‘There are a variety of reliable brands, and you can have a variety of choices. The main features of more expensive. A good entry-modem is enough choice for home use. This has security features in addition to small networks and connect to other computers.

The desktop should also wireless ready. This means you must have installed the wireless card in it. Otherwise, you must connect the modem with a LAN cable, but still completely defeated thePurpose, is not it? The latest brands of desktops already built-in wireless cards.

Step 1: If you have not installed yet install wireless network card. Then you must connect the antenna to the wireless modem. This is usually the case with the package when you buy the modem.

Step 2: It ‘s also available with a USB wireless modem. Combine this with the computer’s USB port and then connect the AC adapter to power the modem slotHelp.

Step 3: When the USB modem is on, it is already back signals of the Internet. You must configure the time settings. Configuration settings, closely related to the manual that came with the package. You may be on the official website of the brand you are using a modem. You also have the details like username and password so that this key can be placed on the website. If there is no username or password, try the default as “admin”, but stilldoes not work, contact customer service.

Step 4: There are a couple of types of Internet connection for you to choose, but choose a dynamic IP address setting as was done immediately get a connection to the provider’s server and IP address from there. Enter the details requested by the computer as a static IP address, IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, ISP, and so on. You can find this in the manual.

Step 5: After entering the required information, click the Finish button. You justThe installation of the wireless modem.
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