How to Use Dropdown Search Functionality with Pagination in Laravel PHP Framework?

Step 1. Firstly, add dropdown in blade file according to below code,here mention name=”city_filter” and id id=”city_filter”

step 2:pass id in table tag in

step 3: write jquery code that is mention below. certain code observe carefully.
(i) pass id dropdown city_filter in jquery code $(“#city_filter”),
(ii) welcome_country is named routing mentioned in routes url:”{{ url(‘welcome_country’) }}?filter_city=”+city_filter,
(iii)step 2 table id pass in jquery $(‘#myTable tbody’).html(”);

step 4: Routing

step 3 second point url name should match in routing

step 5:Controller
(i) $filter_city mention in jquery is requested particular city in $filter_city = $request->get(‘filter_city’);
(ii) if filter city is selected in dropdown then selected city id should match with table
(iii) return page blade file mention in step 2 and compact variable should match with page blade file
return view(‘page’, compact(‘gallery’))->render(); match with in blade file @foreach ($gallery as $gall) will be mention in next step

step 6: blade file code

NOTE: CSS and script bootstrap link should not missed

Result: select dropdown city

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