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VIM custom settings.

rajeshkumar created the topic: VIM custom settings.

I was required to set my tab to 4 space. I got some inputs and based on google search i found good reference which can used to customize your VIM editor. Please create one .vimrc file and save in your home directory. .vimrc file will contain following info which can be modify depends on your requirement….

" Michael's standard settings
" Author: Michael Geddes
" Version: 0.1

" Smart tabbing / autoindenting
set undolevels=100
set nocompatible
set autoindent
set smarttab
" Allow backspace to back over lines
set backspace=2
set exrc
set shiftwidth=4
set tabstop=4
set cino=t0
" I like it writing automatically on swapping
set autowrite
set noshowcmd
if exists('&selection')
set selection=exclusive

if has("gui_running")
" set the font to use
set guifont=Courier_New:h10
" Hide the mouse pointer while typing
set mousehide

"Special error formats that handles borland make, greps
"Error formats :
" line = line number
" file = file name
" etype = error type ( a single character )
" enumber = error number
" column = column number
" message = error message
" _ = space

" file(line)_:_etype [^0-9] enumber:_message
" [^"] "file" [^0-9] line:_message
" file(line)_:_message
" [^ ]_file_line:_message
" file:line:message
" etype [^ ]_file_line:_message
" etype [^:]:__file(line,column):message = Borland ??
" file:line:message
" etype[^_]file_line_column:_message
set efm=%*[^\ ]\ %t%n\ %f\ %l:\ %m,%\\s%#%f(%l)\ :\ %t%*[^0-9]%n:\ %m,%*[^\"]\"%f\"%*[^0-9]%l:\ %m,%\\s%#%f(%l)\ :\ %m,%*[^\ ]\ %f\ %l:\ %m,%f:%l:%m,%t%*[^\ ]\ %f\ %l:\ %m,%t%*[^:]:\ \ %f(%l\\,%c):%m,%f:%l:%m,%t%*[^\ ]\ %f\ %l\ %c:\ %m
" This changes the status bar highlight slightly from the default
" " set highlight=8b,db,es,mb,Mn,nu,rs,ss,tb,vr,ws

"I like things quiet
set visualbell
" Give some room for errors
set cmdheight=2
" always show a status line
au VimEnter * set laststatus=2
set ruler
" Use a viminfo file
set viminfo='20,\"50
"set path=.,d:\wave,d:\wave\include,d:\wave\fdt
set textwidth=80 " always limit the width of text to 80
set backup " keep a backup file
set backupext=.bak
" Like having history
set history=100

" Map Y do be analog of D
map Y y$
" Toggle paste
map zp :set paste! paste?

" From the vimrc of 'Peppe'

" So I can get to ,
noremap g, ,
" Go to old line + column
noremap gf gf`"
noremap `"

" Switch off search pattern highlighting.
set nohlsearch
"Toggle search pattern hilighting and display the value
if v:version >=600
map :nohlsearch
map :set hlsearch! hlsearch?

"Ctags mapping for and
map :cnz.:cc
map :cpz.:cc
set shellpipe=2>&1\|tee
"set shellpipe=\|grep\ -v\ NOTE:\|tee

" Set nice colors
" background for normal text is light grey
" Text below the last line is darker grey
" Cursor is green
" Constants are not underlined but have a slightly lighter background
" highlight Normal guibg=grey95
highlight Cursor guibg=Red guifg=NONE
highlight Visual guifg=Sys_HighlightText guibg=Sys_Highlight gui=NONE
" highlight NonText guibg=grey90
" highlight Constant gui=NONE guibg=grey95
" highlight Special gui=NONE guibg=grey95

if has("gui_running")
"if &columns < 90 && &lines < 32 " win 90 32 au GUIEnter * win 90 32 " endif " Make external commands work through a pipe instead of a pseudo-tty set noguipty endif " Map control-cr to goto new line without comment leader imap o

" Look at syntax attribute
nmap :echo synIDattr(synID(line("."), col("."), 1), "name")
nmap :echo synIDattr(synID(line("."), col("."), 0), "name")
" delete the swap file
nmap \\. :echo strpart("Error Deleted",7*(0==delete(expand("%:p:h")."/.".expand("%:t").".swp")),7)

" delete prev word

set joinspaces

" Today
if !exists('usersign')
let usersign=$username
imap =strftime("%d%b%Y")." ".usersign.":"
if has("menu")
imenu 35.60 &Insert.&DateF2 =strftime("%d%b%Y")." ".usersign.":"
menu 35.60 &Insert.&DateF2 "=strftime("%d%b%Y")." ".usersign.":"p
imenu 35.60 &Insert.Date\ and\ &Username =strftime("%d%b%Y")
menu 35.60 &Insert.Date\ and\ &Username "=strftime("%d%b%Y")p

set listchars=eol:¶,tab:›…,trail:_
" Enable 'wild menus'
set wildmenu
set showfulltag
set display+=lastline
set printoptions=syntax:y,wrap:y

" Switch on syntax highlighting.
syntax on

Rajesh Kumar
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Rajesh Kumar
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