Linux Tutorials: execute command from linux to windows machine using rsh

scmuser created the topic: Execute Command from Linux to Windows machine
Could you please help me in my following scenario…

Problem Statement: In one windows machine, I have one application (BusinessObject) file which has to perform some kind of import jobs upon getting parameters on command line.

The command to execute this import statement in windows is:
java -jar biarengine.jar <>

As part of automation in my project, I am trying to run this command along with parameter from Linux machine. I mean to say when I fire these command from Linux machine, it should get executed in Windows machine.

My questions is: What are the way we have available on which I can fire these command and make sure these got executed in Windows remotely.
Any help on this?

kd09714 replied the topic: Re: Execute Command from Linux to Windows machine
using rsh you can trigger the command on windows box.

rsh WIN-BOX-NAME “command to execute on cmd prompt”;

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