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How To Display ‘Hello World’ in Flutter.

To Display “Hello World” in Flutter, just Follow the Below Steps.

Step 1 :- First of all, Import material.dart package library.

import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’;

Step 2 :- Now, we call our main method.

void main() { }

Step 3 :- Under main() we perform all our operations. So, Under main() we call runApp() in which we use Widgets to perform any operation.

Step 4 :- Now, we call Centre Widget under runApp() method [ To show text in centre ] in which we take Text Widget as child, and in text widget lets pass a Welcome Message Hello World.

Step 5 :- Now, we add Direction to our Text Widget otherwise it returns error. See Below the Text Widget

child: Text(“Hello World”, textDirection: TextDirection.ltr,)

All Done. Now we are Ready to run our project But before that, please match your code with mine to not get any Error. See Below :-

See Output Below