How to compile and build Gerrit Plugins?

To build Gerrit Plugins from source, you need: A Linux or macOS system (Windows is not supported at this time) zip, unzip, wget $yum install zip -y $ yum install…

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Simple Ant Example – clean, prepare, and compile tasks

Sample Ant clean, prepare, and compile tasks <target name=”clean”> <echo>=== CLEAN ===</echo> <delete failonerror=”false”> <fileset dir=”${dest.dir}” includes=”**/*”/> </delete> <delete dir=”${temp.dir}” /> </target> <target name=”prepare” depends=”clean”> <echo>=== PREPARE ===</echo> <mkdir dir=”${dest.dir}”…

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Issues Compiling VS2010 solutions (with web projects) from Nant | MSB4064 error

Recently I upgraded a project of mine (the Dimecasts code base) to use VisualStudio 2010.  In the process everything worked just fine from the IDE, but when I tried to…

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