Creating Installers for InstallAware Plug-ins?

msiexpert created the topic: Creating Installers for InstallAware Plug-ins?
I’ve created a couple of plug-ins and some extra runtimes for InstallAware that have been quite usefull to me and I thought about making them public.

I’m extracting and parsing this path from the regsitry to find the IA Installation folder.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MimarSinan\InstallAware\2.0\Plug-Ins\(Un)Install MSI Setup

Is there a more direct way to find the path? Also where can I find out what Edition is installed as I am not sure which ones support scripting and which ones don’t. If the Ediition does not support scripting, should the insstaller not allow plug-in installation?

Using the current SDK, what versions of IA can I expect these plug-ins to work with?

msiexpert replied the topic: Re: Creating Installers for InstallAware Plug-ins?
That’s actually the way InstallAware plug-in installers themselves do it! Smart move. Note that you can actually install plug-ins in any folder you want. InstallAware doesn’t care about the location, since it reads it from the registry.

I wouldn’t worry about the edition. You can always install plug-ins into every edition. Someone might later come up with a runtime update pack which actually uses your plug-ins. Since these are accessible from Express, I’d allow users of all editions to install. Express is the only edition that lacks scripting, by the way.

With the current SDK, your plug-ins will work with InstallAware 2.0 and above!

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