Docker Interview Questions and Answer Part – 29

With Docker for Windows, what container types can you run?

  • Only Windows
  • Windows and macOS
  • Windows and Linux (Ans)
  • Only Linux

Which of the following is an accurate statement about processes in a container?

  • Container processes are different from machine processes
  • Container processes are regular machine processes (Ans)
  • Container processes run in a VM
  • Container processes do not show in the Windows Task Manager

What does docker-compose help us avoid? Excessive calls to ________?

  • docker stop
  • docker build
  • docker rm
  • docker run (Ans)
  • docker pull

What is a Docker volume?

  • A directory that bypasses the container’s union file system (Ans)
  • The union file system for a container
  • A directory that mounts remote files
  • The host file system

How can you get files out of a container onto the host? Assume a process in a container is writing files, like ffmpeg saving the contents of a converted video.
Where do you write this data?

  • Write files to a volume mounted from the host (Ans)
  • Write files to the default host file system mounts at C:\host or /mnt/host on Linux
  • Write files to network shares
  • Write files to the container file system, all writes are automatically copied to the host file system in the same folder

On Windows 10 which container types can you run?

  • Hyper-V Containers (Ans)
  • Windows 10 Containers
  • Both Hyper-V and Windows Server Containers
  • Windows Server Containers

In the past, we often download applications packaged in a zip file, or MSI, or some other package format. With Docker, what format is used to distribute software?

  • Image (Ans)
  • DMG
  • ISO
  • Zip file
  • VHD

Which of the following allows you to add files from the host to a running container?

  • docker cp (Ans)
  • docker volumes
  • docker add
  • docker commit
  • docker share

When executing the command “docker pull microsoft/aspnet:4.6.2” what is the “4.6.2” piece called?

  • Repository
  • Registry
  • Image
  • Tag (Ans)
  • User

What’s a good analogy for docker stop?

  • Uninstalls the container
  • Stops a single process in a container
  • Stops the processes running in a container (Ans)
  • Removes the container

To get Ctrl+C to work to kill a container, what should you pass when running the container?

  • –name
  • -it (Ans)
  • -p
  • -d

How is it possible that we can run a command prompt in a container created from the microsoft/dotnet image?

  • It’s not possible to run anything but the one application provided by the image
  • Common OS applications like CMD.exe are mapped into the container by default
  • The image also provides CMD.exe (Ans)
  • We have access to all apps on the machine in addition to those in the container

What format does Docker use to export images?

  • tar (Ans)
  • dmg
  • zip
  • Image
  • iso

On Windows Server 2016 which container types can you run?

  • Both Hyper-V and Windows Server Containers (Ans)
  • Windows Server Containers
  • Windows 10 Containers
  • Hyper-V Containers

Where do dangling images typically come from?

  • When you stop many of the same containers
  • When running lots of containers from the same image
  • When building custom docker images (Ans)
  • When downloading images from Docker hub

Why do containers exist?

  • To make it easier to use virtual machines
  • A replacement for monolithic operating systems
  • A replacement for virtual machines
  • To make it easier to use software (Ans)

What’s a good analogy for docker exec?

  • Allows you to run additional processes in new containers
  • It’s similar to installing software
  • Allows you to run additional processes in a container (Ans)
  • Allows you to run additional processes outside a container

What is a repository on Docker Hub?

  • An image ta
  • A user account
  • A single image
  • A collection of images (Ans)

What is used to resolve ip addresses with the embedded DNS in user-defined networks? What value is pulled from the docker-compose.yml file?

  • DNS name
  • environment
  • Service name (Ans)
  • Image name

How can I run another process inside a running container?

  • docker start
  • docker ps
  • docker run
  • docker exec (Ans)
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