Installation Development Challenges

andrewmnn created the topic: Installation Development Challenges
“The creation of the installation for an application is normally left to the last minute just before the product has to ship. This is because setup is not considered part of the development process.” (Bob Baker, Windows Installer Developer’s Guide)

Do you feel the same? Do you encounter the same things? Personally, I do, but I am looking for more people who experience the same things, to learn and share ways to handle this…

I will also be sending updates via my twitter account at:

Feel free ask anything, so we can grow the community of installer developers or IT who want to make a difference.


pgadmin replied the topic: Re: Installation Development Challenges
Stop posting promotional Post.

andrewmnn replied the topic: Re: Installation Development Challenges
my apologies if it sounded like such, it is not for promotional purposes, I really am looking for information from setup developers (MSI in this case) on whether they feel the same, what they do about it, etc. I have the same issues and I think that with enough information, we can tackle this.

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