Open source self hosted application like github gist


Gitea is a lightweight, open-source self-hosted Git service that includes a built-in feature called “Gitea Gists.” Gitea Gists allow you to create and share code snippets or text snippets in a similar manner to GitHub’s Gist. It provides a web interface for managing and sharing snippets with version control capabilities.


Snibox is an open-source, self-hosted snippet manager designed for personal or team use. It allows you to store and organize code snippets, text snippets, and various other types of information. It offers features like tags, search functionality, syntax highlighting, and collaboration options.


PrivateBin is an open-source, minimalist, and self-hosted pastebin application that supports encrypted, self-destructing snippets. While it doesn’t provide the version control features of Gist, it allows you to securely share and store code snippets, text, or any other content. It encrypts the content on the client-side, ensuring privacy.


Snipe is an open-source, self-hosted snippet manager designed for personal use. It allows you to create and organize code snippets or text snippets with syntax highlighting and tagging. It provides a simple and intuitive interface to manage your snippets.


Hastebin is an open-source pastebin application that you can self-host. While it doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Gist, it provides a quick and easy way to share code snippets or text snippets. It supports syntax highlighting and allows you to set an expiration time for the snippets.


Self-hosted pastebin powered by Git. (Demo) AGPL-3.0 Docker/Go/Nodejs


Self-hosted Github Gist clone. (Demo) MIT Nodejs

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