Pod status is in continous Terminating state but rc and deploy got deleted

Pod status is stuck in Terminating state but replicationController and deployment got deleted. To solve this issues, please follow a commands below;


[ec2-user@ip-172-31-25-244 rajesh]$ kubectl get pods -n=ganesh
NAME             READY   STATUS        RESTARTS   AGE
hello-rc-4mtsv   0/1     Terminating   0          38m
hello-rc-84xtz   1/1     Terminating   0          43m
hello-rc-948gs   1/1     Terminating   0          43m
hello-rc-992lp   1/1     Terminating   0          43m
hello-rc-fdfjs   1/1     Terminating   0          39m

[ec2-user@ip-172-31-25-244 rajesh]$ kubectl get rc -n=ganesh
No resources found.


You can use following command to delete the POD forcefully.

$ kubectl delete pod <PODNAME1> <PODNAME2> <PODNAME3> --grace-period=0 --force --n <NAMESPACE>
Rajesh Kumar