Scm Polling Stopped To Work

pasupuleti2 created the topic: SCM polling stopped to work

Recently I’m having problems with a Jenkins 1.57 builds, for some reason after a while Jenkins stops to poll the SCM (the Git (Bitbucket) polling log seems to contain the last _successful_ check and that’s all), also periodic building seem to suffer from the same problem. Are you aware of any known issues that could cause this problem? Where should I look for possible causes? (in my setup I have several slave nodes, but the vast majority of the jobs are being built on the master node)

Our Server is Windows server 2012.

Any help would be appreciated.


rajeshkumar replied the topic: SCM polling stopped to work
This is expected behaviour. SCM poll will return true / false based on the changes. if not change found, it wont do anything..

This method does the actual polling and should return true or false if there are any changes in the repository.

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