Top 50 Kubernetes interview questions and answers

1) What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is a container management system developed in the Google platform. The purpose of Kubernetes is to manage a containerized application in various types of physical,…

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What is Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine?

Friends, Today, In this blog, I’m going to let you know about Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine. First of let’s know what is Azure? Azure offers a large variety of resources…

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Top 5 Hypervisor tools | List of best Virtual machine tools | DevOpsSchool

Introduction Server virtualization currently is a trending topic in the IT world. Its popularity and adoption keeps growing, especially in enterprise environments. Hypervisors are part of the broad area of…

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How to Setup Puppet Learning VM – Complete Process/Guide

Download the VM(Zip File here)   Minimum requirements Internet-enabled Windows, OS X, or Linux computer with 10GB free space and a VT-x/AMD-V enabled processor. Up to date virtualization software….

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Provision a AWS ec2 vm using chef | Step by Step Guide | AWS ec2 vm Tutorial

Provision a AWS ec2 vm using chef Step 1: Install chefdk Step 2: Setup AWS Credentails Step X: Setup your knife config Step X: Make sure following is set and…

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