Windows Installer 4.5 Support – InstallShield 2010 SP1

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This post focuses on modifying the installer for Windows Installer (MSI) 4.5 Support for Basic MSI and InstallShield MSI Projects.


* Open the existing InstallShield project in InstallShield 2010 SP1 IDE.
* Modify the Schema under General Information – Summary Information Stream to specify the minimum Windows Installer version that is required for your Installation package. Say 405 to support Windows Installer 4.5
* If the selected minimun Windows Installer version is not available on the target system, then the installer will prompt a message and abort the installation.
* Also, you can select the Windows Installer 4.5 pre-requisite for the supported operating system from Application Data – Redistributable.
For Pre-requisite integration, you can choose either of the following 3 options based on various factors

Extract From Setup.exe – The pre-requisites will be bundled with the installer. This is applicable if the Installation Package size is not a constraint / if you want to distribute the installation package as a single compressed file.

Copy From Source Media – The pre-requisite will be stored in a folder ‘ISSetupPrerequisites’ parallel to the installer.

Download from the Web – At the time of installation, the pre-requisite will be downloaded on the fly from the web and installed. Internet connection is required during installation.

* If you have not downloaded the pre-requisites already to your installer development machine, right click the Pre-req and click “Dowload the selected Item”.

Refer here for dependency errors and solution related to Windows Installer 4.5 Integration.…ller-45-support.html

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