Designing and Structuring a Restful Service-

Decomposing your service-

Which means all the tiny service thinking about an end to the endpoint to be restful service your API endpoint for basic of structure. It’s important to decompose your service to get a clear idea of which API endpoints you need to implement to provide the desired functionality to your users.

Data formats and when to use them-

It is not limited to how your data should be structured stored but it also considered your questions which your data your API point to be need functions correctly as well as kinds of data is user should get as a response when accessing certain API endpoints.

HTTP methods and API endpoints-

Which methods exist, and how you choose to right method for your API endpoint or API route. The module will be wrapped up by having a look at route protection and URL styling.

Route protection and URL styles-

Routing enables your web application to use URLs that are friendly, easier to remember, and better supported by search engines. A route is a URL pattern that is mapped to a handler. The handler can be a physical file.

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