How to Use Middleware In Laravel.

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step:1– first, you have go this path: C:\xampp\htdocs. then you have right-click on the git base here. same as this pic.

Step:2- write any project name like that.

Step:3– composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel tutrial

Strep:3– and press the Enter .it will take a few minutes for installing this project.

Step:4– edit .env file and put your database name credentials in it.

Step:5- go to your users’ table migration file and add one more field called isAdmin, and its data type is boolean.

Step:6- Now run the following command. php artisan migrate

Step:7- The next step is to create Authentication functionality. php artisan make:auth

it will be shown: So the auth scaffold will generate successfully.

Step:8-just write php artisan serve and press enter than go this url:

Step:9- Create one middleware by typing following Laravel Command.

Step:10- go to this directory.  app >> Http >> middleware >> admin.php

Step:11- you have to go this path :  app  >>  Http  >>  Kernel.php

Step:12- you have added our custom middleware called admin.

Step:13-you have to resources>>view>>home.blade.php

Step:14- you have to HomeController.

Step:15– Create one admin.blade.php

Step:16-than you have to go into a database.

and run this command php artisan serve. and go on url: