Problem 2 – Can’t get an IP address

scmuser created the topic: Problem 2 – Can’t get an IP address

Symptom: The network appears down or inoperable. The operating system may alert that an address was not received from the DHCP server. After checking the network adapter status, no address may be configured.

sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Problem 2 – Can’t get an IP address

Cause: No address has been received from the DHCP server. The DHCP server may be out of addresses, the server service may be down, the end device may be configured to use a static address instead of a DHCP address, or the DHCP request from the end device never made it to the server in the first place. This may be the case especially if a new device is configured for a VLAN that is not set up to forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server.
Resolution: Key question – is this problem restricted to one user or are many users affected? If only one user is affected, check the NIC settings to be sure it is configured to use DHCP. Next, check the switch to see which VLAN the port is configured as a member. Check that other devices on this VLAN can get addresses. If they cannot, the problem may be that the router is not forwarding DHCP requests to the DHCP server. If many devices across several subnets are having this problem, the problem is likely the server itself. The server may not have the DHCP service running, or it may have run out of addresses to distribute.

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