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What is Parasite SEO? How Does it work in 2019?

Hi friends, first of all, I let you know, Parasite SEO isn’t new. This technique has been going on for many years already. The idea of Parasite SEO is to get a high rank on a Trustable website that is on good terms with Google.

Google Gives You Some Advantage

If we have a high rank on one of Google’s preferred sites, they will increase the ranking ability of our keywords which will essentially improve your chances of turning to page 1 of Google search related to any of those keywords. This will automatically increase your traffic.

Always Google will, themselves, drive more traffic to you by causing your work to appear more often than someone else’s. For example, if you have a very bad rank than another website, but you have a high rank on Vimeo/Youtube, Google would place your URL above the competitor anyway.

List of some Best Parasite SEO Platforms

1. Medium
2. Reddit
3. LinkedIn (from a personal profile)
4. Vimeo
5. YouTube
6. Quora

Some Tips for Parasite SEO practices

  • Always write articles of 500 to 1000+ words.
  • Do not use the already published article on your website.
  • Always use a trustable website that allows to submission of our Article.
  • Do not use more links in the articles during the submission. Otherwise, the Website owner will feel we are spammer After that he will remove the article.

Thank you!