List of Websites for Technical Interviewing, Coding assessments & Hiring Solutions

here are the services provided by each company in paragraph format:


HackerRank offers a comprehensive platform for technical recruiting, which includes coding challenges, technical assessments, and live coding interview capabilities. This allows companies to evaluate and identify top talent based on real-world coding skills. HackerRank’s services also feature candidate ranking and detailed analytics to help employers make data-driven hiring decisions.

Major Services of

  • Coding challenges
  • Technical assessments
  • Live coding interviews
  • Real-world problem evaluations
  • Candidate ranking and analytics


Codility provides robust coding tests and live technical interviews designed to assess programming proficiency and problem-solving abilities. Their platform automates scoring and benchmarking, delivering detailed candidate reports. Codility’s collaboration tools enable interviewers to work together seamlessly, ensuring a streamlined technical hiring process.

Major Services of Codility:

  • Coding tests
  • Live technical interviews
  • Automated scoring and benchmarking
  • Detailed candidate reports
  • Collaboration tools for interviewers focuses on enabling candidates to anonymously practice technical interviews with experienced engineers and connects them with potential employers. The platform offers real-time feedback, recording features, and tools to reduce bias in the interview process, improving candidate readiness and fairness.

Major Services of

  • Anonymous practice interviews
  • Mock interviews with experienced engineers
  • Connection to potential employers
  • Real-time feedback and recording
  • Bias reduction tools


CodeSignal offers detailed coding assessments and technical interview solutions to accurately measure candidates’ technical skills. Their data-driven approach includes customizable coding tasks and comprehensive reporting and analytics, providing employers with the insights needed to make informed hiring decisions.

Major Services of CodeSignal:

  • Coding assessments
  • Technical interview solutions
  • Data-driven skill evaluation
  • Customizable coding tasks
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


Triplebyte specializes in matching candidates with companies through in-depth technical assessments and interviews. Their services aim to reduce hiring biases and ensure the best talent fit by providing detailed talent fit analysis and focusing on the reduction of bias throughout the hiring process.

Major Services of Triplebyte:

  • Technical assessments
  • In-depth technical interviews
  • Candidate matching with companies
  • Bias reduction in hiring
  • Talent fit analysis


Karat provides end-to-end technical interviewing services that include structured technical interviews conducted by professional interviewers. Their platform offers data-driven hiring insights, supports global hiring solutions, and emphasizes equity and inclusion in hiring practices, ensuring a high-quality and efficient hiring process.

Major Services of Karat:

  • Structured technical interviews
  • Professional interviewers
  • Data-driven hiring insights
  • Global hiring solutions
  • Equity and inclusion in hiring practices
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