PHP intermediate essential guide- PHP Challenge users visit Count-

In this blog, I am going to explain Php Challenge users Visits Count. First I am going to create a “.php” file. Within this challenge what we want to do this we want to use cookies in order to determine if a user has already visited the Web site and actually track when the last time was that they visited and send them a message.

So there’s going to be different messages for new users and different messages for existing users. And every time the user visits the Web site we want to increase their count to count how many times they’ve actually visited the Web site. So we want to do all of this within cookies because remember with sessions we can’t actually have a running count and we’re actually going to be depending on the user’s browser for this information. So sessions work much better with databases. After that when the user comes first time shown user first time and again refreshes page second or more time then show second or more visit. The code and Sample Image have shown below.