How to define PHP variable type conversion operators?

In this blog, I am going to explain Variable Type & Type Conversion in PHP.
variable type depends on the value of currently holds means when you declare a variable in PHP, You do not declare its type.

$value = “This is Variable”; // assign string
echo $value;

you can change variable’s type by assigning a new value of different type.

$val = 44; // integer string
echo $val;

Automatic type conversion-

A variable type can depend upon the text in which it is used. Some functions and operators can be expect the value of a particular type convert automatically that type of its value.


settype() – Change Variable’s Data Type-

The function settype($value, “Type”) can clearly set the type of variable to type where the type’s value may be array, string, boolean integer, object, null. then uses of settype($value “Type”).


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