How To Fix “Windows 10 Automatic Repair”

Rest your Pc Fully if You Want to Solve This Problem

Click On “Advance Option”

Use This “Troubleshoot” Option For Reset Pc

After Reset Pc: You C Drive Data Will Be Deleted
Like: Your Games, Software, Drivers.

After You Go “Advance” Option Click On “Troubleshoot”

Click On “Reset This Pc”

Click On “Keep My Files”

Some Time like 30Minute t0 60Minute wait

After Some Procedure: Click On “Reset”

Reset Procedure Has Been Started Wait For 30-45 Minute

Wait for 100%

Installing Windows

Installing Windows Wait For 100%

After 100% Your Pc Will Be Restart

After Restart: Again Show From 64% So Wait For 100 %

Solved My Problem :)!!!

Dharmendra K