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Use of Perforce Spec Depot.

rajeshkumar created the topic: Use of Perforce Spec Depot.
Use of Perforce Spec Depot.

There was many questions in my mind such as
Is there any way to find out old access given to perforce user?
Is there any way to find group history?

The solution which i found out is:spec depot
the solution was hiddent in spec depot
To check if you have a spec depot, run the command:
p4 depots

Look for a depot of type ‘spec’. For example, the following output shows a depot called ‘myspec’ of type ‘spec’:

Depot myspec 2011/12/22 spec .p4s myspec/… ‘Created by swood. ‘

To restore a spec using the ‘p4 print’ command. For example, to restore revision 35 of the protections table you would run the command:
p4 print -q //spec/protect.p4s#35 | p4 protect -i

Further information about using the spec depot can be found in the Knowledge Base article here:,
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