Windows/Maven and Role of Archiva

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Hi Guys!
I have some Questions for Maven.

1)I have generated simple ‘Jars’ and ‘Wars’ through Maven.I have an Idea that maven always download its Repository Structure once then We placed our Code and generate Builds accordingly.

Is it possible that we can adjust Maven according to Our Code line and let MAVEN to understand our Code line for generating Builds or performing rest of the functions accordingly?

2) We are working on Windows Environment and Want o initiate our Code Build generation through Maven. Does Windows is a Good Platform for this?

3)How does the ‘Archiva’ can work best for us in Windows Environment or is there any alternative you guys will suggest against this?

I hope my Queries will understand you to answer accordingly.

Looking forward for your Comprehensive acknowledgement.

Thanks in advance

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Sorry for late on this. are you still looking for the answer on this?
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