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General SCM Interview Questions and Answer – SCM Job Interview Kit

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General SCM Interview Questions – SCM Job Interview Kit

  • What do you think about configuration management?
  • What do you understand about Change Management?
  • branching methodologies and what currently theya re using it. Show with some example with pros and cons
  • Concept of Merging and Why do we need?
  • What do you think about build Management?
  • What are the key benefit of build Automation and what are the key inputs to automate the build process in the project?
  • Discuss about tools and technology which help to automate the entire build cycle.
  • What is Continuous Build Integration and How this is useful for the project?
  • What is daily build & nightly builds and what are the process need to set up to Automate & monitor consistently.
  • Explain in details for writing build sciprt for any project
  • What do you think about release Management?
  • Talk about Release Management on several platforms?
  • What do you understand about Packaging and Deployment?
  • How to Automate Remote Deployment of Builds on Development & Test Servers?
  • What is workflow management. exmplain this in details.
  • What do you understand about Code Coverage? Describe repective tools & utilities.
  • Describe the Integrate Packaging scripts & Test Automation scripts with build & Monitor build verification test status and tools.
  • How to co-ordinate with development team to increase their productiavity.
  • What do you understand about multisite project
  • How SCM team perform integration and co-ordination between Dev and QA
  • Explain Troubleshooting in Build Server and Process
  • Explain Troubleshooting in Configuration Server and Process
  • Explain Troubleshooting inMost popular java Comipler issues in build server
  • Explain Troubleshooting inMost popular C++ compiler issues in build server
  • software packaging tools if they will be packaging or writing the installations for the releases.
  • Backup your code daily with respect to SVN.
  • Overview of Batch Scripts and top 25 commands
  • Discuss about Web Servers and Application servers
  • What do you think about distributed and multi-site environment
  • Can you name some software development methodologies and describe them?
  • Agile attempts to minimize risk by developing software in short iterations.
  • Extreme Programming employs simplicity, frequent communication, constant customer feedback and decision empowerment.
  • Iterative development is a cyclical methodology that incorporates refactorying into the process.
  • Waterfall software development is a phased methodology. When one phase is complete, it moves onto the next phase.
  • What is an API?
  • What is a web service?
  • What the difference between a global and a local variable?
  • What are Bug /Issue Tatcking tools available and descibe them
  • How does Subversion handle binary files?
  • What is ADO?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • Plz Let me the Difference Between Bea Weblogic IBM Websphere


  • What are basic skills required for Perforce administration including Command Line info.
  • How we can develop Build summary reports for Mgmt team and what are the key inputs for report.
  • Explain the best practice for Setup process & maintain the Archive of software releases (internal & external) & license management of Third Party Libraries
  • Identify the Cdeployment tools for major/minor/patch releases in different environment.
  • Explain Red Hat Linux and some of daily used features.
  • Explain Perforce & Multisite
  • Concept of labeling, branching and merging
  • labeling, branching and merging in perforce

Talk about Release Process

Can you describe some source code control best practice?
# Use a reliable and dedicated server to house your code.
# Backup your code daily.
# Test your backup and restore processes.
# Choose a source control tool that fits your organization’s requirements.
# Perform all tool specific administrative tasks.
# Keep your code repositories as clean as possible.
# Secure access to your code.

Can you describe software build best practices?
# Fully automated build process
# Build repeatability
# Build reproducibility
# Build process adherence

CM tools Comparison

  • Difference Between CVS and SVN
  • Difference Between perforce and SVN
  • Difference Between perforce and Clearcasee
  • Difference Between VSS and TFSC
  • Difference Between perforce and MKS



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