How to show City List as per Country and State select in DropDown using AJAX in Laravel? Part-2

How to use AJAX in DropDown in Laravel? Example as in Country, State, and City.

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Inserting data into Country, State and City tables

Step 15. We can insert data into tables through CRUD functions or directly by Database. Here, we go direct to insert data into tables. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin -> Click your created database country_state_city ->Click countries table ->Click Insert.

Step 16. As well, we have to insert data into states and cities tables.

Step 17. Go to resources/views/welcome.blade.php file and give a link. Laravel provides a helper function, asset(), which generates a URL to application assets(CSS/JavaScript/images files).

Step 18. As well, we have to generate url js file by asset() function. Go to Download the compressed, production jQuery 3.5.1 right-click the link, copy all and paste within public/js folder->create jquery.js file.

Step 19. Write logic of DropDown selection using AJAX for Country within welcome.blade.php file

Step 20. Similarly, write logic of DropDown selection using AJAX for State.

Here’s the full code.

Ex:- DropDown

Whenever we select the name of country so automatically the name of the states’ list will have appeared. As well as, Cities’ list will be appeared on clicking the name of the state.


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