Step 1.Create a Laravel Project

Firstly, Create a new project in laravel, so we open Git Bash,  Go to My Computer/This PC–>LocalDisk(C:)–>Xampp–>Htdocs (Press right click on Mouse)

We write down the following command on Git Bash.

Step 2. Now we move to the project directory on Git Bash, so write down the following command –>

Step 3. Install Composer Package

In this step, we have to download and install the Laravel-full calendar package for use to generate Event Calendar. So just run the following command to download and install the package.

Step 4. Open Project in Visual Studio

Step 5. Application Configuration

After successfully installed the package then we should update the application config details to use the package in our application. Here we need to add providers & aliases array details with the following details

Step 5. Create Model, Controller, and Migration

Here, we need to create a Model, Controller, and Migration for Events using Laravel  composer artisan command, so first fire bellow command:

Above command, help us to create Model, Controller, and Migration for Event master. 

Step 6.  In the migration table file.

We need to add the required no of columns details for the event table like title, color, start_date, and end_date, etc.

Step 7. We need to go and update the Event model file in our application like fillable, primary key, product, etc.

Event model files present at app/Event.php path and just update with following details in it.

Step 8. Routes Definition

We want to add new routes for showing Event Calendar. So just go to routes/web.php file and update the following routes to access data table operation in our application.

Step 9. Before migrate we Update database name  in .env file  (DB_DATABASE=eventcalendar)

Step 10. Open Xampp and start apache and Mysql and click admin to open phpMyAdmin database

In Part 3, we will see how to make a new controller for Event Calendar?

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