How to Login with Facebook, GOOGLE and twitter in Laravel?Part-2

How to Login with Facebook, GOOGLE and twitter in Laravel?

Click this, Login with Facebook

Here, we’ll start Login with Google.

Step 1. Open this URL Google Developers Console to create Google client_id and client_secret. Login with your Gmail Account.

Step 2. Click on Credentials, then Click on Create Credentials and Choose the second option of Credentials i.e. OAuth client ID.

Step 3. Choose Application Type as Web Application and write your project name.

Step 4. Click Create button.

Client ID

Step 5. Just, copy this Client ID and Paste inside config/Services.php file.

Client Secret

Step 6. Similarly, Copy this Client Secret and Paste this Client Secret inside config/Services.php file.

Step 7. Go to resources/views/welcome.blade.php file and write down this following code:

Run the Project URL

Login with Google
User Dashboard


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